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Young Justice Animated Anonymous and Kink Meme
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i. about
hi there. and welcome. this is a young justice animated anonymous and
kink meme. earth16_meme was created as an attempt to change how
anonymous memes and kinks memes works.

what makes earth16_meme different is how we approach things. our
goal is to make things easier for you. easier to find prompts. or fills.
and track them. without having to track a whole prompt post. or having
to overload your inbox with prompts and fills that don't interest you.

it may be overwhelming at first, but take your time. before you do
anything, take the time to read the rules and see how it all works.
if you still have questions, just ask. we even have a question page
for that. you can also contact us privately too. we want to hear you
out, be it a concern, a compliment, or even a criticism.

ii. credits
layout by ghost_factory
icons and moods by shokora_kafe

we would like to also thank everyone for helping
out and being part of this community. because
without you guys, it wouldn't be the same.

iii. menu

iv. other
administration post
ask a question post
discussion post
lost and found post
pimp post
prompt post

v. staff
shokora_kafe is the owner and is a maintainer

(we're looking for people who want to help
and archive stuff like fills and prompts)