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24 February 2012 @ 11:37 am
Hi again, it's me, shokora_kafe. To be honest, this is more or less a one sided affiliate list. But consider it as a reference page if you ever find yourself struck for some reason. Also this is not a complete list, just an ongoing list that me and the rest of the crew will update when we feel like it.

Anyways, I'm here to let you know that there's more anonymous memes out there than just ours.

batmankink (a Batman kink meme)
crossover_kink (a Crossover kink meme)
dc_kink (a DC Comics kink meme)
dccomics_meme (a DC Comics anonymous meme)
dcu_meme (a livejournal community that hosts multiple anonymous memes within the DC Universe like the DCnU meme, the Tim & Kon meme, the Arrow Family meme, the Robincest meme, the DCU Femslash meme, and DCU Friending meme)
gl_kinkmeme (a Green Lantern kink meme)
justice_anon (a Young Justice and DC Universe anonymous meme)
justice_kink (a Young Justice kink meme)
rarecomicskink (a rare comics pairings kink meme)
sb_kink (a Superman & Batman kink meme)
yj_anon_meme (a Young Justice anonymous meme)
yj_kink_meme (a Young Justice kink meme)

If you are in need of more Young Justice goodness, there are other livejournal communities just dedicated to Young Justice in general too.

new_justice (a Young Justice fan community)
yj_challenge (a Young Justice challenge community)
yj_fanfic (a Young Justice fanfiction community)
yj_graphics (a Young Justice graphics community)
yj_writingcomm (a Young Justice writing community)
yja_fanworks (a Young Justice fanworks community)
yjanoncomm (a Young Justice anonymous community)

That, and if you're willing to branch out, there are other livejournal communities related to DC Comics too.

dc comics
all_dc_related (a DC Comics fan community)
dc_universe (a DC Comics fan community)
dccbatflash (a BatFlash fan community)
dccomics_icons (a DC Comics icon community)
dcrarepairs (a DC Comics rare pairing fanfiction community)

justice league

smallearth (a Justice League fanfiction community)
sv_dcu (a SmallVille and DC Comics crossover community)

teen titans
titans_together (a Teen Titans fanworks community)
titans_tower (a Teen Titans fan community) 

young justice
heartbart (a Bart Allen fan community)
youngjustice (a Young Justice fan community)

comics_fanart (a comic book fanart community)
comicstore_news (a comic book based newsletter community)
monitor_duty (a comic book based newsletter community)
scans_daily (a comic book scan community)

For those who want to learn more about DC Comics and any of its works, you might want to check out some of the links below.

dc comics
dc wiki (a DC Comics database)
dcau wiki (a DC Animated Universe database)

speed force (a Flash comics fan blog)
the flash wiki (a Flash comics database)
those who ride the lightning (a Flash comics database)

young justice
young justice wiki (a Young Justice database)

There may be more in the future, and I might have miss a few, but for now this is what I found so far. I hope this helps.

We would also greatly appreciate it if you could leave a comment or two of what you think. You can even mention a few links that you think should be added to this ever growing list of references.
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