Have you learned NOTHING from Harry Potter?

Prompt: Wally is in love with the Flash and will do anything to be with him, including trading information to Klarion for a love potion. But like things are that easy with a witch. He instead gives Wally a lust potion (designed to make his love take him in the most traumatizing way), so Wally gives the potion to his uncle. Barry takes Wally, who's he's been secretly, guiltily in love with, and he fights the potion enough to make it as painless and pleasurable for Wally as possible, but he can't stop himself from taking his little ginger. Que Flash being all I fucked him I forced my fifteen year old nephew to have sex with me ohgod he hates me ohgod ohgod and Wally all I JUST HAD SEEEEX AND IT FELT SO GOOD .

My uncle's hot-- wait what lsdkfjsldkjf

Prompt: everyone. EVERYONE. i got into YJ recently and when i saw Barry's face i totally went mmfgh-hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggghhh.

i. i died. you guys i'm just. incoherent (herent?) here it's pathetic. i have a weakness for black hair-blue eyes combo so i'm usually all "omggggg Bruce/lskdjflsdk Dick <3", but Barry took my breath away quicker than the speed force.

so can someone please PLEASE write a Barry story?

i know most would go "hhhhhngh Batman/Bruce Wayne", so i think it'd be a nice change if there's a "hhhhhhhhngh Flash II/Barry Allen" fic~ a 5+1, perhaps?

pot of gold if Wally's has a "my uncle's hot" moment ;u;
I made the delicious mistake of reading live_eternal's Barry/Wally stories and that's equivalent to adding oil to fire.

Like A Virgin~

Prompt: Like A Virgin~

Wally's fast, and complete, healing ability makes every time like his first time.

Lovers and exploring, non-con, best prostitute in the business, whatever!

Happy with any pairings, but Roy, Dick, Barry or Bruce are love.

Talk Geeky To Me

Prompt: Talk Geeky To Me

So Wally's supposed to be smart, right? Science-wise, anyways. I want sex between Wally and someone else (preferably Artemis, but if you're more comfortable writing someone else, go for it) in which Wally details the science of sex. The chemicals involved, how heart rate increases, pupils dilate, all the good stuff, centering specifically around orgasm.

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places (Kid Flash/Any[All])

Prompt: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places (Kid Flash/Any[All])

(OP repost from yj_anon_meme)

Everyone in YJ knows Wally's a flirt, but they think it's just one of those things he likes to do to ease tension. Little do they know he actually sleeps around a lot: boys, girls, other capes, adults who should know better, whoever he can get in his bed.

It might be the product of molestation when he was young, from who is up to the author. Wally doesn't understand how regular relationships with people function, how sex and love aren't interchangeable, and how he had been mistreated.

Would like to see the YJ finding out about all of the above and their eventual road to recovery with him: counseling, group talks, building new relationships, anything. If author wants to include a pairing, I'm cool with anyone.

I know we all love hurtcomfort!Wally and there are plenty of abuse prompts. I'm looking for slut!Wally and/or sexual abuse.

...To be honest the sexual abuse is completely optional, I just really want secretslut!Wally.

Triggers: Non-con

Prompt: Triggers: Non-con

Wally is captured during a mission or kidnapped or something along those lines and is raped with a side of forced feminization.

Bonus points for the aftermath with Wally having all sorts of self-esteem/body image issues, depression, an eating disorder, self-harm, etc. The more angst the better ;)